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Welcome to Cazbe Pty Ltd.

Back in the 1980s, after finishing his schooling, Richard Baumgartner realised very early on, he had strong opinions on how a successful company needed to operate. He had worked for a few companies in a field where product perfection was the best way for that company to succeed. He felt, that to become successful, the company needed to supply a product which stood out above its competitors, in design, functionality, but above all its manufacture and the use of only the best raw materials.Unfortunately, (or in actual fact fortunately), the company directors of where he was employed, were more driven by profit, rather than perfection.

For this reason, Richard found it necessary to take the leap of faith and back his judgment, that customers are willing to pay a bit more for a product if they can rest comfortably in the knowledge that the product is manufactured using only the best materials, and to a greater standard than its competitors. And so in 1985, Cazbe Pty Ltd was formed in Melbourne, Victoria. Australia.

The spine of the business, is the firm belief in the company mantra It is better to explain price once, rather than apologise for quality forever. With this in mind, Cazbe have built a reputation of providing products of only the highest quality available, and have backed it with a customer service which they believe to be second to none. Whilst their prices may sometimes not be the cheapest, they have managed to retain competitive pricing structures within the market.

So for the past 30 odd years, Cazbe Pty Ltd has provided various products and services to an enormous amount of customers, located in all corners of the globe. They have continued to build a solid reputation on quality, and customer service.

The company is still owned and operated by Richard and his family. Cazbe have a large number of staff handling the manufacture, logistics, shipping research and development, and quality control aspects of the business. With a constant effort to develop new methods of manufacture, and the donating of a percentage of proceeds from its sales back into various Eco Organisations, Cazbe has become one of the leaders in the reduction of carbon emissions.

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