Introducing Tempt by Cazbe Oil-free Moisturizer

The skin is a vitally important part of our body and so it needs particular care, because it is constantly exposed to the environment. The effects of increasing climate change and global warming means that skin care is no longer simply a beauty issue, now it is also a health issue.  More and more people, both men and women, are experiencing problems with acne, dry or oily skin, sunburn, pimples and rashes as the harsh conditions in our environment increase, and this means that it is now not only women who need to look after their skin, everyone needs to. Furthermore, it is tricky to find exactly the right moisturizer for your particular skin type because most moisturizers simply won’t work for everyone.  This is why Tempt by Cazbe oil-free moisturizer  was developed.

Important features of Tempt oil-free moisturizer

Tempt by Cazbe moisturizer is made from pure, organic ingredients that care for your skin without being greasy or clogging up your pores. These ingredients are very gentle and will not even irritate sensitive or acne-prone skin, which is what makes it so suitable for all skin types; it is also absorbed amazingly quickly.

Why should you use Tempt oil-free moisturizer?

  • Tempt provides long-lasting moisture that from a natural formula that includes Aloe, Cocoa butter, Rosemary extracts, Shea butter, Cucumber extract, D-Panthenol and Green-tea extract. The combination of these natural ingredients makes the moisturizer refreshing for all types of skin.
  • It offers instant hydration; has a smooth and gentle texture; is quickly absorbed; and moisturizes the skin without being greasy.
  • Since all the ingredients are pure and natural there is no risk of it irritating your skin; it is manufactured without any parabens; it has only the lightest trace of a pleasant scent; it contains fewer sunscreen ingredients and filtrations than other moisturizers, which means there is minimal chances of it causing itchiness.
  • Tempt free oil moisturizer is surprisingly simple and easy to use because it comes in an airless pump bottle which only needs a minimal amount of pressure to apply. This makes it suitable for use at all times of the day. Regular use will produce visible improvements in a very short time, as it energizes and revitalizes your skin.
  • This unique moisturizer is specially made for people with chronic dry skin problems so it includes Oleosome solutions, which are natural emulsifiers that stabilize the blend of ingredients by preventing the separation of oil and water. This makes it a perfect formula or dry skin.
  • Tempt by Cazbe moisturizer is produced to very high standards which, combined with the organic ingredients, make it very safe for use with all types of skin.

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